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Rejected from server(3) Empty Rejected from server(3)

Post by Squishyyy on 20/4/2014, 02:55

To be fair, I intially used your Loki launcher and that just gave me "Error." and I was like 'eff this! I'm using ROLEX~' So, I did. After fiddling with the client a bit ---I've spent a good week or two with 2013 client and its evilness on my own server when i was making one o>o;past aside---I managed to finally get to log in and get smacked with "REJECTED FROM SERVER". So, what gives? It's not "Failed to Connect to Server." Rejected from server usually indicates I've been IP banned. If there's anyone who actually cares about this server anymore xD could you check into it =D?


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Rejected from server(3) Empty Re: Rejected from server(3)

Post by Skotlex on 29/4/2014, 15:26


I can't really help, seeing how that was like ten days ago. D:' The server logs are already quite old by then. Though the server doesn't has any rejection rules, unless the client itself were of an older version.

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