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Post by Skotlex on 15/7/2013, 18:59

Usually, being a well mannered human being should suffice as a guide towards proper netiquette. Sometimes, some people don't like playing along, and like finding holes in the system to just see how far they can annoy others while still being technically "guilt-free," as per the rules.

So, this post serves as a warning sign on appropriate behaviour, a.k.a.:

The forum rules

1. Respect the Terms of Service of Forumotion, anything that violates them must be deleted a.s.a.p., or we risk the very forums getting closed down (like last time). For forum users, the only applicable section is "Illicit Contents," which uses a pretty broad brush to designate what is valid or not (e.g.: illegal stuff is out, despite not specifying which laws from which areas are applicable).

2. Respect other people. If your post is merely a guise to annoy or demean others, your post will be edited/deleted and the account banned.

3. Respect the forums. Stay on topic, or not if it is apparent the thread is of a social nature and there's no need to stick to the topic. However, do avoid intentionally derailing threads which have a serious topic to address. In general, avoid behaviour which unnecessarily increases the load on the servers or other users. For example, avoid posting a stream of images, or an excess of emoticons, as it slows down the browsing experience for many others. Again, failure to comply will result in, at best, post edits; at worst, bans.

3.1 These forums should be "safe for work," since its topic, "MouRO," is as well. Unless a thread specifically states it is meant for "borderline un/safe" content, do not post content that can get other people in trouble if watching it from the wrong familial/workplace context.

Ban Considerations

There is no "line in the sand" when it comes to determining if a rule was broken. Moderators will apply their own judgement and decide on a case-by-case basis on what action (if any) a particular post merits. But, generally speaking, punishment for breaking the rules should be "fair," it should fit the crime... and the criminal. First-time offenders may not get any punishment at all (beyond a helpful reminder of these rules). However, continued offenders will incur increasing penalty lengths. 

In brief: the moderators reserve the right to determine the degree of punishment required. Any complains need be addressed to a higher-level moderator. Given the small size of this community, that'd mean me.

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