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Post by Skotlex on 30/4/2013, 23:36

So, after finally getting out of my PhD and coming back home (and all the mess of adapting to a new life in a new country), I come to the realization that... rAthena is dead?

Apparently there was yet another fork, this time for a project called Prometheus (or something), while the ONLY active dev for rAthena is still Playtester (eA forum name), with whom I spoke some days ago.

What the heck? It's stuff like this that makes me think I should just give up on RO. To make matters worse, my cousin showed me Guild Wars 2 the other weekend, and I really liked what I saw. Things like equipment dyes, transmutation stones, dynamic events, automatic level adjusters and everybody having their own healing/resurrection abilities... these are all very much the things I wanted to get to with MouRO. Basically, I am feeling with a slight sense of loss: wouldn't it be a waste to spend more energy on MouRO when there's already a professional solution out there in the form of GW2?

If there are still players interested in Mou, then I certainly don't want to close the server. Development is probably gonna be a little hard, since I have to start again from zero (read: I need to figure out how to download the client, and get that to work on my machine before I can do anything else), but now I certainly have more time to spent on it, compared to the past.

There are many posts I missed out while I was on my crunch month before the end of my contract, so who knows what else am I missing? Did I just write all this for nothing and the server is already dead?

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