Thoughts on improving the Game Mechanics

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Thoughts on improving the Game Mechanics

Post by Skotlex on 31/10/2012, 12:40

As was discussed on that @diff topic, this is a thread for discussing changes on the base game mechanics.

These are my current thoughts on what could be changed and how:

- STR: The current problem is it doesn't actually increases DPS. Why? Because of the damage cap (which is apparently easy to reach without STR) and because it reduces ASPD.

Proposed improvements? I think the equations for MATK and BATK could be reworked. Their current equations are:
Batk: Base Lv + Str/2 + Job Lv/4 + Dex/6
Matk: Base Lv + Int/2 + Job Lv/4 + Dex/6

This will require testing, but I think switching Base Lv with Str/Int is one step to take. Perhaps also generally decreasing the value of each element (that is, making Dex/6 -> Dex/8 and so on).

Also, ASPD and Cast times should have a rework. The minimum will be set at something close to what you currently get when all stats are equal, and then it can only be improved through Agi/Dex (that is, Str/Int no longer slows it down). Though this also means that the effect of Agi/Dex is reduced from what it currently has.

Another possible issue is that the Weapon ATK bonus from STR might be pretty low/insignificant compared to the high Weapon ATK that a refined weapon has. There might not be a need to fine tune this, but if there is, it might be something simple like making each Str raise 2 Watk points instead of one (currently W-atk is just your weapon's enhanced attack value + your STR).

If the overall damage of characters goes down, one other issue that needs to be corrected as well is the HP of monsters, it would need to be decreased somewhat (I think, it may not be necessary unless the power decrease of non-STR classes is significant).

This is to me the main gripe/issue with the basic stat mechanics. I think the way that Watk works with Batk and Matk is fine and doesn't need that much changing. Anything else I am forgetting?

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